How are you spending your summer?

 What if we told you that you could have fun and make an eternal impact for Jesus Christ?

Your teen can make a difference this summer through Christian Youth In Action

CYIA is a summer program designed is a program designed to train young people in effective ways to teach children about God. Students participate in a program to learn how to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly on a child’s level, counsel a child for salvation, and lead an exciting club ministry for kids.  The clubs are called 5-Day Clubs and they include:​

Jr. CYIA is a training program for 11 and 12-year-olds who are believers in Christ and are willing to be trained to be helpers in our summer 5-Day Clubs. Jr. CYIA students are a huge help to our teen teachers, and this is great pre-training for CYIA.

In CYIA, young people attend two weeks of training to learn how to effectively share the Gospel message with children through Bible lessons, songs, memory verses, and more. Then, they are sent into the community with adult volunteers and leaders to serve in various local summer ministries with the 5-Day Club program as the focus.

If you are interested in serving in short-term summer missions, contact CEF of Midland to learn more about CYIA in your area.

CYIA Schedule & Training Locations